Why is Hobby Grade RC the Best?

When you are looking to buy an RC car or Truck for you or as a gift it’s best to skip over the selection at your local Walmart, Target or Radio Shack and head onto your local hobby shop here’s why:

Hobby Grade vs Walmart RC

The two trucks above are the same scale. One will cost you around $50 and the other around $300. Most people would probably ask, “Why the difference? I’d never pay that much for a toy?”. I can’t tell you that the $300 hobby grade RC truck isn’t a toy, it’s a toy just like RC’s from big box stores. The difference is that the RC to the left is a Hobby Grade mini Traxxas Summit? What does that have that the cheaper version doesn’t?

Just a few items are:

  • Adjustable Suspension with springs & dampening oil.
  • More Speed – 20 MPH with battery out of the box add another battery and get speeds of 40+ MPH
  • Replacement Parts – Crashed into the curb at the 20 or 40 MPH? Chances are that with the higher quality parts & suspension it will hop the curb and keep flying. If that’s not the case there’s parts that you can get from your local hobby shop or online that will probably get you rolling again for under $10
  • Hop-Ups – Tires, wheels, Motor, You can upgrade anything on this truck and make it one of a kind.
  • Waterproof – Traxxas & HPI provide fully waterproof RC models so that you don’t have to worry about playing in water- rain or snow.
  • 2.4 GHz Radio – We all remember how¬† fun it is to have your RC take off when it receives interference. While many cheaper RC trucks still use AM radios where interference is common, Most all hobby grade trucks now use 2.4 GHz technology.

Beyond these advantages is the fact that a Hobby Grade RC truck will provide fun for years to come. RC is a hobby enjoyed by anyone from little children to the elderly.



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