Waterproof RX8

Waterproof rx8The Telkin RX8 is a motor built for 1/8 scale vehicles, but the motor can also be waterproof. That’s right there are Waterproof RX8‘s out there! If you don’t believe me, or even if you do, see the video below:

Waterproof RX8 in a Summit

RX8 is Water Resistant Stock

Like the Mamba Monster, the RX8 has coated circuit boards that help for perhaps a little rain, but they aren’t prepared for the waves that come aboard when driving through creeks or worse, through your pool. You can mod the RX8 ESC to be waterproof like in the video above, but by doing so you void your warranty and your $300+ system could get fried. If you’re looking for a waterproof brushless system backed by the company from the start, the only way to go is with a Traxxas VXL system. Unfortunately the largest size they have is for 1/10 vehicles.