Waterproof RC Trucks

4×4 Electric Waterproof RC Trucks

waterproof summit truckOf all the waterproof RC Trucks Traxxas makes, the king of them all so far is the Summit. It’s the King of waterproof RC. The first thing the set’s the Summit apart from other trucks is it’s size, so you can crawl a creek bed with low water without getting swept away. Since you can shift on the fly you can go fast to the water and the shift down to move through anything that you can get enough traction on. The option that really sets the summit apart from all trucks, even Traxxas trucks, is it’s the first RC Truck to have locking differentials.

Emaxx 4 by 4After the Summit the next best of Waterpoof RC trucks is probably the E-maxx for a lot of the same reasons. It’s large and has an optional 2 speed transmission. The snow plow accessory works best with a waterproof truck, and they’ve got one especially made for the emaxx, so you can have no worry winter fun. The only “feature” that the Emaxx is really missing from the summit is the locking differentials. The builds are different as far as suspension and tub shapes, battery compartments. But as far as real features the only difference is the Summit has locking Diffs.

Some More Waterproof RC Trucks

waterproof rustlerwaterproof stampedewaterproof slash

Besides that the Rustler is your waterproof stadium truck. Stampede VXL is the waterproof 2 wheel drive monster truck, and the slash is your short course waterproof truck.


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  2. […] your entire truck so waterproof might be the right word especially when you compare the setup to a waterproof RC truck from Traxxas. However for racing in the snow this is a great […]

  3. how much for it? might buy it. look like a good truck for snow :) just getting into rc i have been searching hard and this might be it if its in my price range (100-250)$$$

  4. Oh, there are plenty of waterproof trucks in that price range. Check out the shop listings to find just a few of them. They are priced by scale for the most part, 1/16 scale being your cheapest bet and 1/8th being the most costly. Quality is also taken into account with the pricing.

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