Waterproof RC Cars

Waterproof Car The Waterproof RC car or truck is now a Reality. These RC Cars can be driven in the rain, snow, shallow creeks or pools. You don’t have too keep searching for how to waterproof an RC car or Truck. That’s right these vehicles¬† real waterproof rc cars out of the box!

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One of the most successful of these waterproof vehicles is the 1/16 scale Traxxas E-Revo VXL RTRw/ 2-channel radio system

See a Waterproof Truck in action

The Traxxas 4×4 Summit is the best RC Truck for driving through the water. It’s used in creeks and has been described as more of an amphibious tank than an RC Truck. See the Summit on the ultimate RC Snow Track. It’s a little more pricey at over $540, which makes other Traxxas waterproof vehicles more popular like the Slash that’s priced closer to $200. See the slash walk on water.¬† That is a lot more that you would pay at Walmart, but these are hobby grade RC’s and literally waterproof. So if you’re looking for a waterproof car or waterproof rc truck, the brand you want too look for is Traxxas.

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All of these Traxxas vehicles are waterproof and although it’s not recommended and they require higher levels of maintenance, the can accomplish what you see in the video above.


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  2. my truck is a traxxas stampede and it would not make it through any of that stuff it would break.

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  5. What a fantastic looking machine, I’m buying one! I like the 1 in 10 RTR for $560, it just looks mean :)

  6. Looking for a waterproof rc suv with plow. Want to surprise husband but know nothing about them. Help. Thanks

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