Waterproof Lipos

waterproof lipoYou can now get waterproof lipos to go with your Waterproof RC car. Maxamps has actually been delivering Waterproof Lipos for quite some time. Check out their selection at maxamps.com. All of their lipos are waterproof. Even the ones that they make for the AR Drone, which by the way, isn’t waterproof even with waterproof lipos.

The Proof

Still don’t believe me? Check out this video where the Lipos were actually placed in water for quite awhile. Afterwords they were still at 100%.

Beyond Waterpoof

Besides being waterproof, Maxamp lipos tout a higher C rating that most lipos on the market. That comes with a high cost. If you’re a racer they may be for you but if you are a basher you may be better off buying cheap lipos and getting 2 or three packs for the same price. From my experience the Max Amps seem to last just as long if not a shorter life than cheap lipos. Perhaps that’s because I subject them to so much water :-)


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