Traxxas RC Funny Car

Today Traxxas announced their 1/8 scale RC Funny Car, a logical move after sponsoring the sport.

traxxas funny car

The Funny Car  is their second 1/8 scale RC release and it looks like Traxxas is going to be keeping it on the asphalt for awhile with another car that you’re not going to be wanting to take off of any massive jumps. The price tag, however, is less than half of the XO-1, Traxxas first 1/8 scale release. TQi recieverSo what do you get in the Funny Car? Traxxas is of course including their new radio with the ability to see your car’s stats like rpms, voltage, temps, speed, etc. as well as adjust trims using your iPhone or iPod. They’re also showing off some impressive new work from their R&D department with an almost all new chassis.


Some sealed electronics but not waterproof RC?

New ShocksWhat’s almost as interesting as what you get with the Traxxas funny car is what you don’t get with the Traxxas funny car. Traxxas has built a name for themselves and a solid customer base by offering waterproof RC trucks. The pages regarding the funny car only mention waterproof once: concerning their servos. Suggesting that the brushless motor & ESC aren’t waterproof but I’d speculate that they are surly water resistant. Can’t know for sure till we see the youtube videos of people throwing their funny cars into the pool.


castle brushless




For the brushless system Traxxas has once again outsourced all of the work to Castle. Castle seems to be the “go to” supplier for many RC manufactures looking to essentially rebrand their Mamba monster system, even if it is a slightly larger mamba monster system.


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  1. Radio Control Cars on April 30th, 2012 at 10:56 am

    The funny car actually looks very impressive.

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