Traxxas Link Review

Traxxas link 2.4 GHzTraxxas making the transition from AM Radios coming standard to 2.4 GHZ Traxxas Link Radios coming standard is HUGH. It’s just another step in the direction of getting a RTR car or truck where you’re not going to trash half the parts. When I got my 4 channel High Output transmitter I got another 5 channel receiver to test out the link function. It’s made me want another three for the rest of my trucks as now every time I go to grab a truck that doesn’t have the link receiver it’s just annoying because I have to check that I have the right crystal and check to make sure no one else is using the same channel.

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You probably notice that that the transmitter is 4 channel but the receiver is 5 channel. This isn’t for some future feature, but it’s the 3 way 4th channel switch that actually controls both the 4th and 5th channel. It’s designed to work seamlessly with traxxas’ Summit servos to engage it’s diff lock capabilities. I’ve yet to imagine something fun to do with this using my emaxx, so I’m open to suggestions.

What really makes to upgrade to the Traxxas Link system a no brainer is that:

  1. You can grab any vehicle and just turn it on, the transmitter automatically finds it and remembers the correct settings.
  2. You’re using 4 batteries rather than 8 and those 4 give more range than 8 on an AM system and seem to last longer.
  3. !If you’re using a high voltage system AM is the worst and it’s just night and day difference using 2.4 GHz. I now have no glitching

One last note. The place where traxxas failed in introducing their 2.4 GHz radios is with a couple trucks like the summit. The new radio for the Summit does not have the link feature and does not have high range. So if I want to make my rustler go 70+ MPH it wouldn’t work very well if I just purchase a summit and tried to use it with that rustler because

  1. It doesn’t have the link feature so it really only works with the summit even though the receiver could work with a different transmitter
  2. It doesn’t have high Output so the range is shorter and wouldn’t work well for fast vehicles.

So basically the end result for the Summit 2.4 GHz is a throw away radio because it won’t mix well with the rest of you vehicles so you’ll probably get one that does and just trash the original.


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