Traxxas 1/16 E-Revo VXL

Traxxas E-Revo VXL

  • 50 MPH
  • Standing Backflips
  • Very Tough
  • Weather Proof
  • Low maintenance Cost @ 1/16 Scale
  • Takes 1/10 Scale Tires and Wheels

Every time I drive the 1/16 scale E-Revo VXL it becomes my favorite RC car again. It’s power to size ratio is unequaled to any car I’ve every driven. So much that it can do standing backflips. It’s still tough enough to take it when you don’t quite make it when you’re trying to do double backflips and slide 20 ft across the pavement.

The smaller parts means a smaller cost so I can beat up the car without worrying about having to save up for new parts, and lipos along with other upgrades take a lot less rationalizing.

I probably use it most in the worst weather conditions like in the video below.

The fact that it takes 1/10 scale tires makes it easy to get oversized tires such as snow plow tires that really make it a blast. Although it soaks in water for about a day I’ve only had one servo ever fail on me and Traxxas was great about charging only around $20 to ship out a new one along with another one that had failed me.

If I was to recommend only one RC this would probably be the one. I don’t think I ever would recommend only one, but theoretically this would be it.


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