Summit Vs Emaxx Review

summit emaxxIn comparing the Summit Vs. Emaxx I added tires to the E-Maxx so that the Summit and Emaxx were on a little more level playing field. The Emaxx has around 6″ tires stock with the hub on the outside of the tire, while the summit tires have the hubs attach closer to the inside, this results in a much longer wheelbase and higher ride. When you see that they aren’t all that different when you put the tops on, all that changes is the amount of shock you see.

Looking at the two chassis there is really quite a bit of difference. The design of the Summit puts the batteries below deck and has inline shocks, taking the innovation of the Revo trucks. I’ve used the E-Maxx in the past for hauling my son around in a wagon. The Summit bumper and body mounds don’t seem to have the same strength, so I wouldn’t recommend pulling very much weight with the Summit.

The Summit Chassis is far more complicated with 5 servo’s up front- 2 for steering 2 for the locking differentials, and 1 for the transmission. After having my 2 parts of the E-Maxx shift system break over the last year I’m a little weary about the 5 servos and hardware, but you got to expect some of this stuff to break.

Summit vs Emaxx

Summit Vs. Emaxx Video

Here’s a demo of what you’d get with either an E-Maxx or a Summit. Some of the video is surprising due to the lower profile of the emaxx and flatter tires.


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