RC LED Lights

RC LED LightsIf you’re looking for good lights for your RC the only way to go is LED. You can get LED RC lights at Tower Hobbies or some other hobby store, but the truth is they are going to charge you an outrageous price and they’re probably not even going to function with your receiver.

The Place to Get RC LED LIGHTS

RC Brake lights
The Place is ebay and the guy is au2065. I’ve gotten two sets for under $20 shipped and have been very happy with them. They come with 8 LED’s and all the connections you need to have working brake lights, headlights and blinkers. They even work with the receiver to break when you want to brake and to use a 3rd channel for the blinkers.

I had read a review for a similar product that cost almost $100. The reality is that this LED technology is fairly cheap so anyone selling you kits for over $50 is really just taking advantage of you.



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