RC Cars Hydroplaning

RC Cars Hydroplaning: Just one more benefit of having waterproof RC cars is that you can have them literally drive across water. Although it’s been done before as you can see from this video back in 2008, it’s something I believe will be catching on quickly with waterproof rc cars becoming more and more readily available.

There’s no need to think about getting a hovercraft when you can get an rc car that can drive 365 feed across a pond like this slightly more popular video of an RC car hydroplaning:

I guess the slash is a perfect vehicle for hydroplaning because of the shape of it’s bottom. A real car would never be able to do something like this because of weight issues and the power just isn’t there like it is with an RC car. Please share links to videos of your RC car hydroplaning in the comments!


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  1. […] other Traxxas waterproof vehicles more popular like the Slash that’s priced closer to $200. See the slash walk on water.  That is a lot more that you would pay at Walmart, but these are hobby grade RC’s and […]

  2. Here I’ve been waiting for the snow, and now I can’t wait till the ponds thaw out now.

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