Mini E-Revo


Mini E-Revo

The 1/16 scale Mini E-REVO was the first hit 1/16th scale Traxxas truck and based off of the larger E-REVO. It’s progressive inline shocks are part of Traxxas’ unique platform that they’ve used over and over again in other 1/16 scale trucks like the slash stadium trucks and various rally cars. The truck is commonly referred to as MERV. It’s a great all around truck as it will go 50 MPH on asphalt and can also fly across snow with 2.2″ sand paw tires. The 2.2″ standard tire size allows for a wide variety of tires and wheels.

The 2.4 Ghz link radio that comes with the 1/16 scale mini E-Revo is a nice upgrade over an AM radio as it only takes 4 batteries and allows you to forget about interference. The smaller size also means cheaper replacement parts and upgrades.


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  1. How much is it to purchase?

  2. The miniature e-revo’s are under $300 for brushless and even less with a brushed motor.

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