AR Drone 2.0

AR Drone

AR Drone 2.0

The AR Drone 2.0 is Parrot’s latest version of the latest version of the overwhelmingly 3 star rated AR Drone. The Drone 2.0 is a clear improvement over the original AR Drone. A couple of the cool new features are the flip function that allows your drone to flip when your smartphone is double clicked and the absolute control. For an RC quadracopter it’s a great price at $300 but you do get what you pay for. Getting a durable AR Drone seems to be akin to winning the lottery. Our Drone managed to have two motors ($100 value) fail withing the first 10 flights and the blades seem to be malformed causing the drone to drop a foot ever couple of seconds.

If you have the funds to drop on the AR Drone it can be a lot of fun… Just don’t be deceived that the price tag is only $300, you’ll end up handing much more over to Parrot.


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