Power wheels Mods

RC guys can’t leave things how they come stock, so when I researched powerwheels for Christmas, I was entertained to see the possibles that come after modifying a powerwheels car.

The most common modification seems to be doubling the power with two batteries in series: delivering 24 volts rather than 12. Here are some of the results from this easy mod:

And here it’s taken a little further with a gas motor:

The powerwheels mods are really just limited to your imagination. When you try to just fix existing issues it’s not hard to think of hop ups. For example the tires that come on any powerwheels vehicle aren’t there to last the life of the toy. When the inevitably wear a hole rubber wheels (they type you put on a wheel barrow) may be a good alternative for better traction and a much longer lifetime.


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