Parrot AR Drone Warranty

You’ll have to look pretty hard to find any nice words about Parrot on the internet. They’ve made a fund product but not a very reliable one. Add to the situation that it’s a fairly successful product in terms of sales and you can see why Parrot doesn’t really ever mention a warranty.

My Drone Warranty Experience

I submit a ticket to let them know what happened, here’s the general info:

Reason for request: Unexplained motor failure. Assuming defected. Here’s how the drone worked before the motors just quit working:┬áNotice how the motors momentarily shut off every 10 seconds? On the forums they said it could be a blade defect too?
Which Drone? (i.e. Drone 1, Drone 2.0): Drone 2.0
Application Used (i.e. Free Flight): Free Flight for iOS V2.0.21
Description of the area the Drone was last flown in: Indoors, just hovered within a 5×5 meter space for 3 minutes in the evening (didn’t crash that night).
Description of the incident: The next afternoon I went to power up the drone and all 4 red LED’s came on but only two of the motors did it’s start up pulse and the program read Motors Emergency. The motor Versions showed 0 for Motor 1 & 4. That evening I swapped motors 1&3 and now Motors 3&4 show 0’s for version type & software.

A good response would have been, ok we’ll send you out 2 working motors since ours are crap. Hopefully the new ones work for you. Instead I received an address where I could send my drone. I just needed to ship it in. Might work well for some people but I only got 8 flights out of the thing. So my advice if you’re looking to get a quadracopter is to wait till Traxxas comes out with one- Parrot doesn’t know what they’re doing.


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