Parrot AR.Drone Under $260

I was excited to get the Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 along with all it’s new features, but I was even more excited when I learned I could get it for under $260 before taxes.

Parrot AR Drone 254.95

It seems to be available from just a limited number of retailers and I liked to Barns & Noble checkout and so I went ahead and purchased from them. I saw the coupon field and did a quick search. I was surprised to find that there was a one time 15% off coupon with the code T4T8J4A. It actually worked on the drone! I guess this coupon expires at the end of June but they seem to have a similar promotion each month. Last month it was for 20% off!

Hope someone finds this helpful!


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  1. The new apps are pretty cool, but the real world add-ons for the phones are even more impressive. I got my kid one of those phone controlled helicopters for Christmas, and I can’t stop playing with it!

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