My Emaxx RC Wagon Project

emaxx wagon We thought it would be fun to pull our son in the wagon with the RC Truck, then we thought it would be fun to go really fast. So we took him out of the wagon and just let the Emaxx go as fast as it could with the wagon. You can see both videos below. I also decided to make it a pseudo scientific study so I’ve included the stats of the run below. I’m trying to figure out how long of a walk we can go on with this setup without worrying about the batteries getting too low, but I suppose I can always but the truck in the wagon when it dies.

RC Truck: Traxxas Emaxx

The Setup: Novac 7.5 Motor, 2 5000 mah 40C 7.4V lipos, Traxxas 2.4 Ghz

Run time: 35 Minutes: these runs and the walk back and forth.

Battery Used: Put 2438 mah back into each pack (about half empty)

Results: The truck peaked at 22 miles an hour with just the wagon.

Just the Wagon and The EMAXX @ 22 MPH

The wagon pulling my Son


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