Max Amps Multi Voltage Lipo Packs

Multi Cell LipoThe new Battery Packs from Max Amps once again go above and beyond you standard Lipo Pack. They make it possible to have the same battery in various combinations of parallel or series to get just the right voltage or capacity you need by just shuffling a few connectors around.

MaxAmps Cupon Code

They’re on sale this first week that they’re out where you can save $20 with the coupon code MV5250.

Just like the rest of Max Amp’s inventory these cells are weatherproof lipos so you can use them in any waterproof rc car or truck.

Video of the New Multi Voltage Lipo Packs


2 Responses to “Max Amps Multi Voltage Lipo Packs”

  1. I have a Hyperion EOS 0606i and I’m tring to charge a Traxxas 8.4 v Seris 4 4200MAH, 7 cell battery pack……What are my correct settings? The Green light on the car says low power.

  2. If you’re car is blinking low power it’s probably the Low Voltage cut off kicking in. Your Traxxas Battery is actually a NiMH battery so you can get the voltage very low, in fact it’s encouraged with NiMH batteries. Make sure when you are using you’re charger you set the battery type to be NiMH and charge at about 4 amps.

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