Lipo Storage Voltage

lipo storage voltageThe ideal voltage to store your Lipos is at 3.7 volts per cell. That means that if it’s a 2 cell 7.4 pack store it exactly at 7.4 or slightly higher. If it’s a 3 cell 11.1 pack store it at or slightly above 11.1 I prefer to run the cells in my truck till the lipo cutoff kicks in and then charge them up to the right voltage rather than discharging them, something about discharging a battery in something other than the vehicle just doesn’t seem natural or right. They say to have them charged between 50% or 60% capacity for storage and so my rough math is to figure my cutoff kicked in when the cell had 20% left so I add another 30-40% and then check the voltage. If you have any input on your method of storing lithium polymer batteries feel free to comment. store lipo cell


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