"What Car Should I Buy?"

What Car should I buy?“, is the one question that absolutely everybody asks, and it’s the one question that everybody else is sick of hearing. It’s also impossible to pick one vehicle that it perfect for everybody. However, the best RC car that I would recommend as a place to start is the Traxxas (TRX) 1/16 scale E-REVO.

best rc car to buyWhy should I buy a 1/16 E-Revo?

  1. Training Mode– Traxxas  RC’s come with a training mode on the ESC so that you
  2. Speed– Get a battery and connector and this thing will go 50+ MPH on a stock setup.
  3. Style– It just looks awesome. You’ll crash and ruin some stuff, but it still looks great.
  4. Parts– Since with all fast RCs you will crash, you’ll want to have accessible and cheap parts when you buy from the top brands it’s easy to find cheap parts.
  5. Accessories– Not only will you find replacement parts for your Revo, but you can also find hop-ups and accessories to make them go even faster and look even better. You’ll find the widest selection on the most popular cars such as the E-Revo.

So What RC Car should I buy?

I will say that no matter what your requirements, someone else has already asked for the same thing and been answered, just Google  “What car should I get?” As long as you buy something from one of the main manufacturers (Losi, Associated, Traxxas, Ofna, Duratrax, Tamiya, HPI), you’ll probably be happy with it. Just remember, you get what you pay for – mostly. There are deals to be found, but there is a reason why the “good” brands cost more than the cheap ones. A sub-$300 1/8th scale brushless monster truck on ebay may look tempting, but the reason that a BL E-Maxx costs twice as much is because it’s twice as well made. The no-name brands were not designed or built with reliability in mind, and when they do break, you’ll have a hard time finding parts.