rc tiresFor all tire types, softer material will give better grip, but will wear out faster. All tires work better with foam inserts, which are included with most tires. Tires should be glued to the rims with cyanoacrylate (CA) glue.  if you have beadlock wheels you won’t want to glue the tires to your wheels, but you’ll have to just tighten all the screws to tighten or “lock” the tire to the wheel.

If you chose tires with an outer diameter that is much larger or smaller than your factory stock tires, you may need to change your gearing to maintain performance. Here are the main types of tires.
beadlock wheels
Different types of wheels other than choosing beadlock or glue on are almost purely an aesthetic choice. As long as you chose a wheel that is sized correctly for your tires and has the proper hub for your car, it’s up to you what “style” you want.