Scale RC

Scale RC
1/8 Scale RC Often powered by gasoline because of their size and very expensive ($1,000+). The size does make a difference! At times you wonder why not go a little bigger and get something your child can ride in. They can handle some rough terrain and you don’t want to be in the way of a 1/8 scale RC going full speed!

1/10 Scale RC (Traxxas Rustler)
1/10 Scale RC trucks have been the most popular hobby trucks for along time. They’re affordable and yet very capable.

1/10 Scale Monster Truck (Traxxas Emaxx)
Capable of going just about wherever you want to go. In fact the majority would go in more places that 1/8 scale. They’re a great way of getting some size & lots of capability with out breaking the bank.

1/16 Scale RC Traxxas Slash- Even more affordable than 1/10 scale RC! Can’t do quite as much as larger RC vehicles but you don’t sacrifice very much at all. Especially if you’re looking for speed! Traxxas has done a great job of making a 4 wheel transmission that is very solid and can propel 1/16 vehicles well over 50+ MPH. That transmission also makes them fun for the snow and just about anything else their wheels can make it through. Replacement parts and batteries are cheap.

1/18 Scale RC Duratrax Mini Quake- Fun to play with, easy to overpower, and a pain to fix. 1/18 scale RC vehicles have a lot of complex parts to fit into a small package so it makes a pain to replace parts. Combine that with the ease and the fun of overpowering them with brushless motors and you’re going to find yourself in the workshop more than you are playing with these vehicles. I’ve yet to see a high quality 1/18 vehicle that I didn’t have to dremel screws or disassemble half of it to change a gear each month. If you do catch one, contact me.

1/24 Scale RC– The most common RC car found at Walmart, typically these vehicles are street cars and more models than toys.