RC Tire Styles

RC Tire Styles

8 Popular Tire Styles

You’ll find many familiar styles when you’re looking for aftermarket RC Tires each has specific applications where they excel.
Pins– Typically come standard on the rear of 1/10 scale buggies or stadium trucks because they were well on dirt tracks.

Ribbed– Typically come standard on the front of 1/10 scale buggies and stadium trucks, the ribs allow them to steer well, but they offer little in the way of traction for acceleration.

Grooved– Medium-low wear on hard surfaces, high side-to-side traction, low traction on acceleration on sand. This style works best on hard surfaces.

Slicks– Like all tire styles these work better with foam inserts. They offer high traction on hard surfaces, gives even traction in all directions and virtually no traction off-road.
E Revo Snow Paddles
Paddle– High wear on hard surfaces (especially during acceleration), extremely good traction on sand, and in snow. Can drastically reduce steering on vehicles and so they should only be used on the rear of vehicles. They also can cause your vehicle to heat up quickly so be sure to adjust your gearing accordingly as throwing snow or sand is hard work!

V-Groove– Similar to slicks, but provide improved traction in wet conditions during acceleration. Good for waterproof rc cars

X Pin– Medium-high wear on hard surfaces, relatively low traction on hard surfaces, gives even traction in all directions, traction less effected by sand. Good all around tire.