Gears- Pinion and Spur

spur pinon gears There are typically two gears on an RC truck outside of the transmission, the Pinon Gear and the Spur Gear. The pinion Gear attaches directly to the motor shaft and is held on by a screw. The Pinion is installed to line up with the spur gear, the gear attached to the transmission, and there should be about a paper’s width of distance between the two gears. The ratio between these two gears are the ones most likely to change on your car or truck. You can easily change out the pinion gear on most cars or trucks to be larger for higher top speed or smaller for more torque. A larger spur gear will result in more torque whereas a smaller spur gear will result in higher top speeds. Your gearing needs to be withing the right range to keep your motor and speed control from being overworked and overheating. Both gears are rated by the number of teeth they have and the pitch. Be sure to get the right pitch when replacing gears.