RC Battery Chargers

smart DC chargerRC Battery chargers have evolved over the years, they now charge just about any type of battery you can imagine, but you want to be sure you have the right  charger for your battery. You also want the fastest, safest battery charger you can get. If your charger is slow, you’ll spend more time waiting for your batteries to charge than actually driving your car. If you don’t get a charger with the necessary safety features you could end up causing harm to more than just your vehicles.

What features matter in a Charger?

Lipo Balancer
Even if you’re starting out with NiMH cells, it might be a good investment to get a charger that can handle LiPos and perhaps LiFE and others as well, so you won’t have to buy a different charger if you upgrade in the future.
You may also want to look for chargers that will cycle various battery types, which can help your NiMH and NiCD batteries last longer. Some other features you should pay attention too are:

  • A charger with a charge rate of at least 3A.
  • Is the Charger AC, DC or Both.
  • A balancing charger is something you should also look into if you are going to be charging any multi-cell LiPos.
  • What connectors does the Charger have?