Installing an RC Snow Plow

RC Snow PlowIt’s easy to install snowplows like the ESP Emaxx Snow Plow. The difficult part of installing ESP’s snowplow for the Emaxx is just assembling the plow itself. Mounting it to the E-Maxx Truck only requires taking off 4 screws to remove the bumper and then mounting the snow plow in it’s place.

The only thing left to make the plow work is attaching the servo wires to your radio using the channel you’d like to use. There are a couple methods of doing this because you may want to just use a Y-harness. If you use a Y-harness it would make the plow go up the more you reverse and down the more you accelerate. This may not be ideal as you probably won’t be using much of your throttle as you move around with the plow on.  So the better option is to have a 3 or 4 channel controller and to add the servo to one of the free channels.

If you’re wise and using a 2 speed transmission that means the only option left on a Traxxas RC radio is the 4th Channel which is actually both channel 4 & 5 on one switch. So it will be either 100% up or 100% down.


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