Free Flight 2.1 Review

Parrot released their new app a couple weeks ago: Free flight 2.1. It’s got some really cool features like where you can now do forward flips, back flips, & left flips along with the standard right flip. Why right flip was the standard that came first, I dunno.

AR.Drone Academy

Along with unlocking flips the AR Drone Academy is also released in beta. The academy has maps so that you can see where people in your area are flying as well as more data from your own flight. You can now see the battery data for each flight along with your speed & altitude.

Although there are the typical reports of the update breaking peoples drone, I’ve had no problems. It does look as though you have to have location services enabled in order to get all the data for your flights. Although you can do backflips and forward flips along with flipping left to right, you have to turn it on under settings and so you would have to go into settings while you’re flying if you wanted to do each one during one flight.

Other updates to the software to include more support for other jump drives and bug fixes to make the app (and the drone) crash less. I think my settings changed after I updated so you’ll want to revisit your settings after you get the update. Also you want to update the software on your actual drone.


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