Emaxx Snow Plow

emaxx snow plowIf you have an E-maxx, esp hobby makes a great Emaxx snow plow that raises up and down using the third or forth channel on you vehicle. You’ll just have to get a Servo to make it work. I went ahead and got a waterproof Traxxas servo since it would be covered in snow most of the time.

rc snow plowThe Plow is a little expensive, slightly over $100, but I learned they had great customer service when I had to call for a few missing pieces that were lost in the tower fulfillment. The RC Snow Plow is designed to work with a chain that you attach to the servo you’ll have operating the motion.

Snow Plow Modification

After awhile I found it worked out a lot better when I replaced the chain attached to the plow with a popsicle stick that I drilled a hole through each end. It’s a little stronger that way. The most recent modification dropped the posicle stick all together and now I’m using a random object that I found around the house I’ve attached a photo but I honestly don’t know what it was used for before. I just drilled a hole through one part and then put a screw in another part to attach it to the servo. It works fantastically well.

The only thing the plow is lacking is the ability push snow to the side rather than carrying it the whole way down the walk. If anyone has any ideas please share through the comments!


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  1. If you still got the plow can i plz have it thx :)

  2. I’m actually thinking of selling it- I made some cool ramps in my yard and it’s not as fun with a plow on the front :) I’ve enhanced the ESP plow, which I’ll post soon. What seems like a reasonable price with the upgrades?

  3. where did u get it

  4. It’s an ESP hobby snow plow. I got it from tower. I’ve modded it quite a bit. The stock version uses a chain but I changed it ti be a more solid rod that connects the servo to the plow.

  5. Please if u got some plow for Traxxas Summmit please write me thx 😀

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