Electric RC Cars and Trucks

electric RC cars and trucks vs gasOne of the first questions you’ll probably be asked when driving your electric RC cars and trucks around someone new is, “Is that gas powered?” You should exclaim proudly that electric RC cars and trucks are the best RC’s! And here is why:

  • Electric RCs are just as powerful with brushless power and lipos.
  • Traxxas electrics run better in the snow and cold than gas RCs
  • Electric is more quiet, resulting in more neighbors being your friend.
  • Reverse- electric RCs have it, gas doesn’t
  • maintenance is so much easier on a brushless motor which results in
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Sensored brushless motors are very smooth at both low and high speeds.

This is a general list, there a are a lot of models out there. If you are looking for electric RC cars and trucks I would highly recommend Traxxas. The waterproof systems that come standard on their electric RCs make RC a much more fun experience.


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  1. Electric RC cars and trucks. I also recommend Traxxas.

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