Drift HD Ghost Review for RC

I’ve looked at POV cameras for a long time, but the one I decided would be my first was the Drift HD Ghost. Here’s a quick demo of how easy it goes onto a truck and why I love it:

There’s a few reasons why it’s great for RC.

  • It’s fairly small. You wouldn’t want to use it on a 1/16 car, but it does a good job on the 1/10 scale monster trucks I run and I’m sure it would be great on anything 1/8 scale.
  • Live feed! The app allows you to get a live feed of what your camera is seeing while your not recording. It would be a sweet setup if it would record AND show you the live feed via the iOS/Android app, but for now it’s one or the other and it’s a nice little bonus to have a camera that will let you see on your phone what’s going on even when your RC car is out of view.
  • Mounting. It’s ridiculously¬† easy to mount! It comes with a standard tripod mounting hole and some adhesive attachments that work great.Camera Mount
  • Remote. Comes with a remote that allows you to start and stop the camera. Nice because you don’t really want to go through the hours and hours that you were driving the car or truck. You just want clips of what was interesting and to delete the rest without importing ALL of it into a video editor.
  • Lens. The Lens can be rotated to any angle which makes it even easier to mount because no matter how it’s mounted you can adjust the lens to get a perfectly level shot.

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