Coolest Remote Control Car

Coolest Remote Control CarIt’s logical that the coolest remote control car would be one of the newest remote controlled cars. So it makes sense that my vote would go for the Traxxas XO-1, the first RC car out of the box to go over 100 MPH. It’s not just the speed and the looks that make this RC car so cool. It’s got extra gadgets such as a GPS module & sensors to measure the speed, RPM’s, battery levels & temperatures. All that info you can view on your iPod or iPhone. The only way this car could have been cooler if it had a camera and gave real time feedback to your iPod and you could control it by tilting your iPhone just like a video game or the ar drone.

So if you’re looking to get someone the coolest remote control car, then the XO-1 is my suggestion. The coolest car is going to cost you just slightly over $1,000. What would you expect for the coolest RC Car? Now if you’re looking for the coolest RC truck, that’s a whole different story! I’d point you to a waterproof truck that you could drive on something like this:



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