Broken Summit Differential

Last winter I had noticed my truck not turning as well. I also noticed a crunching sound. I was able to track it down the the differential. Here’s how the broken differential behaved:

Here’s how it behaved striped of the truck:

Opening up the truck isn’t as bad as you may think. Traxxas provides directions to take off the front end of your truck and get to the differential along with an exploded view of the differential so that you know exactly what you should see in there.

broken differential

Upon opening the differential it was easy to find what was cracking; the two differential gears that transfer power back and forth between the two sides had been shaved pretty clean and all the broken metal pieces and been crushed and mixed in with the oil. The damage in the end isn’t too bad with the greatest loss being time. The parts retail for $14 plus a little more for oil.





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