Drift HD Ghost Review for RC

I’ve looked at POV cameras for a long time, but the one I decided would be my first was the Drift HD Ghost. Here’s a quick demo of how easy it goes onto a truck and why I love it:

There’s a few reasons why it’s great for RC.

  • It’s fairly small. You wouldn’t want to use it on a 1/16 car, but it does a good job on the 1/10 scale monster trucks I run and I’m sure it would be great on anything 1/8 scale.
  • Live feed! The app allows you to get a live feed of what your camera is seeing while your not recording. It would be a sweet setup if it would record AND show you the live feed via the iOS/Android app, but for now it’s one or the other and it’s a nice little bonus to have a camera that will let you see on your phone what’s going on even when your RC car is out of view.
  • Mounting. It’s ridiculously  easy to mount! It comes with a standard tripod mounting hole and some adhesive attachments that work great.Camera Mount
  • Remote. Comes with a remote that allows you to start and stop the camera. Nice because you don’t really want to go through the hours and hours that you were driving the car or truck. You just want clips of what was interesting and to delete the rest without importing ALL of it into a video editor.
  • Lens. The Lens can be rotated to any angle which makes it even easier to mount because no matter how it’s mounted you can adjust the lens to get a perfectly level shot.

2013 Snow Track

We got enough snow this year to create another snow track, the first since 2011. Here’s a few highlight videos to immortalize it:

 Traxxas Summit Vs Traxxas E-Revo


Summit Backflips

I learned that a Tekin RX8 has plenty of power to do backflips. I was honestly surprised the first time I pulled the trigger and it just about flipped over. The video here is a few more first attempts. It didn’t take too many tries to decide that all the parts may not last as long if I kept doing backflips.


This was a first run with the new Drift HD Ghost. I’m a huge fan so far. You can see the video gets quite shaky, but I think that’s mostly due to the the body coming unhinged with only two clips.


Broken Summit Differential

Last winter I had noticed my truck not turning as well. I also noticed a crunching sound. I was able to track it down the the differential. Here’s how the broken differential behaved:

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Free Flight 2.1 Review

Parrot released their new app a couple weeks ago: Free flight 2.1. It’s got some really cool features like where you can now do forward flips, back flips, & left flips along with the standard right flip. Why right flip was the standard that came first, I dunno.

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AR Drone 2.0 in High Winds

With all the sensors on the AR Drone 2.0 it does a great job of handling high winds…but it’s not perfect. Here you can see that with moderate wind the drone struggles to recover from a flip:

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Parrot AR Drone Warranty

You’ll have to look pretty hard to find any nice words about Parrot on the internet. They’ve made a fund product but not a very reliable one. Add to the situation that it’s a fairly successful product in terms of sales and you can see why Parrot doesn’t really ever mention a warranty.

My Drone Warranty Experience

I submit a ticket to let them know what happened, here’s the general info:

Reason for request: Unexplained motor failure. Assuming defected. Here’s how the drone worked before the motors just quit working: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Ga9P91T1nA Notice how the motors momentarily shut off every 10 seconds? On the forums they said it could be a blade defect too? Read the rest of this entry »


Parrot AR.Drone Under $260

I was excited to get the Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 along with all it’s new features, but I was even more excited when I learned I could get it for under $260 before taxes.

Parrot AR Drone 254.95

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Best $20 Helicopter

The s107g helicopter is probably the best $20 I’ve ever spent on an RC. It’s durable to where it can withstand my kids retrieving it and the falls it takes when it gets too close to the ceiling. It’s been used so much I’m considering getting the additional parts kit with new fins for an additional $6.

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Traxxas RC Funny Car

Today Traxxas announced their 1/8 scale RC Funny Car, a logical move after sponsoring the sport.

traxxas funny car

The Funny Car  is their second 1/8 scale RC release and it looks like Traxxas is going to be keeping it on the asphalt for awhile with another car that you’re not going to be wanting to take off of any massive jumps. The price tag, however, is less than half of the XO-1, Traxxas first 1/8 scale release. Read the rest of this entry »


Waterproof RC Cars

There’s now a long list of waterproof RC Cars on the market. Traxxas was the leader in waterproof electronics and their high sales must have convinced the rest of RC manufactueres that the move is well worth it. Here’s a list of Waterproof RC Cars Available:
ARRMA Vortex Stadium Truck
ARRMA Mojave Desert Truck
ARRMA ADX-10 Race Buggy

HPI Racing Bullet 4WD
All Traxxas Trucks

Duratrax Evader