3 Reasons we’ll see a Traxxas Nascar Truck

traxxas nascarSo I get Traxxas’ email blast tonight about their new sponsorship of the NASCAR camping series and my first thought seeing the subject line was that Traxxas was going to make the next generation 4 Tec and include their new brushless VXL 6s system in it. When I opened the email and saw the picture I calmed down and thought, “Oh it’s just another truck.” As I looked closer and learned Traxxas put out a modified 4 Tec just for show, I realized this just might be it. I think there is a good chance we’ll see this car/truck by the end of the year. Here’s why:

1) It’s the fastest name in radio control. They’ve dominated all the other categories out of the box, including deep V boats, now it’s finally time to come back to the street car. Even though it’s got a truck body, they’ll be other bodies you can buy, no doubt, they’ll be a “street vehicle” soon.

2) Traxxas is looking for buzz. And when have they not gotten it with a new product idea? It’s already been rumored in various places around the internet. Traxxas has all the parts to do it… so it’ll happen.

3) They’ve got to use the 6s System in an RC car or truck. They’ve already put the 6s system in the titan. A company like Traxxas that has dominated the RC Car and Truck world is not going to finish off the year just putting that system in a boat that won’t get released until winter! We’ll all get to play with that waterproof system come winter!


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