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RC-CAR-TRUCK.com is a knowledge base on RC cars and trucks, because remote control cars and trucks are the fastest to learn to drive and the most fun to crash and race, but don’t get us wrong we also like RC Helicopters if the price is right.

Looking for an RC Car or RC Truck?

best rc car to buyWe can point those of you looking to buy a new RC car or truck in the right direction! See our product reviews. Most people are most interested in the waterproof Remote Control Cars and Trucks like the Traxxas Summit or Traxxas Slash because they are truly go anywhere toys.

Radio Control

RC CarsThe Radio is obviously what makes the hobby. Luckily radio or remote control has evolved over the years and you no longer have to worry about power lines other radios, or your on vehicle interfering with your vehicle. Learn more about Radio Controls.


RC BatteriesThere are typically just a few flavors of batteries that people are looking for, Cheap Battery Packs, High Performance battery Packs, or Waterproof Battery Packs. Start learning about batteries at our battery research center.


Motors have come a long ways as the ability of batteries to put out higher current has increased. RC Cars and Trucks are riding top of the wave of new brushless motor technology. Brushless cars are over 80% efficient as well as much more powerful than brushed motors of the past and can now compete side by side with gas or nitro vehicles.


Nitro used to be the king of Remote Control. Nitro is referring to the fuel used in gas Remote controlled vehicles. Gas Remote Control cars and trucks are powerful, but don’t work well in the winter and require a higher level of maintenance, but many people in the hobby enjoy the time in the shop the best.